I'm really excited for talking about this foundation.. I mean, come on, every beauty blogger have tried and the opinions about it are pretty good so, I went to the mall (Walmart) for being exact, and they got an offer by the way, but that's not the point, SO, let me introduce you in this beautiful super-blendable makeup.

In the official page of L'oreal they say:

With patented color technology, True Match™ Makeup precisely matches your skin’s tone and texture and coordinates perfectly with True Match™ Powder, Blush, and Concealer. Formulated with Precise Match™ Technology so you can control coverage and fine-tune it. Ultra-pure formula contains no oils, fragrances, or pore-clogging fillers, so all you see is beautiful, radiant, flawless skin. With Vitamins A and C, wheat germ and grape fruit extract to keep your skin nourished, protected and healthy.

Finish: Natural
SPF: 17 (select shades)
Coverage: Light to medium
Skin Type: For all skin types. Oil-free.

Available in 33 skin-true shades.

Yep, you read right, 33 shades, that's real nice for those who never find her shade; they got shades for NEUTRAL, YELLOW AND PINK UNDERTONE, and even in the drugstore you can find them organized by undertone. PLUUUUS here!

In the webpage you can compare the shades with your actual skin shade with a little help of pics, let me show you some of them.

The W is for the WARM UNDERTONE
The  N is for NEUTRAL

So I choose the W serie, even if I have a neutral undertone, but I really love how it looks on my skintone, looks vibrant and really natural.

Here are some comparisons between my must have foundation.

As you can see, yes I got hairy arms, not too much but yes; back on the point, the clinique one is COLD, has Pink undertone and the Missha BB Cream is like a Neutral tone, so now let's see how it looksssss!

This is my face with ONE Layer of the L'Oreal True Match.

As you can see, it looks natural and very pretty.

Make up DONE, I use a little bit of concealer (PRO Concealer by L.A. Girl), set with a little powder, just were I put concealer, bronzer, blush and NO highlighter. 


  • It's a very affordable foundation, is 169.00 MXN on Walmart so you can try it without problem.
  • DON'T HAVE A MATTE FINISH, your skin looks healthy, not greasy and very uniform.
  • It last aaaall day, I used it for the first time on a holiday party, and looks veeery well, also I used this on an everyday makeup and it last like 12 hours without retouching.
  • Very light weight
  • NO scent.
  • Great for almost every skin type
  • Coverage: LIGHT-MEDIUM but build-able.
  • Looks like your skin so, plus plus plus!!


THIIISSS!!!! I hate this, needs a pump. In the UK version, it has a pump so, UK, GOOOOD FOR YOU.

In conclussion, this is a great foundation, you can use it on an everyday makeup or on a special day makeup, the coverage is LIGHT-MEDIUM, but you can build it up. 

So, I hope this works for you and it can help you or convince you for buy it. You won't regret it.

Besos :).


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